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D'Cuttings by CK&Y

Custom Sticker Page

Custom Sticker Page

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MAKE IT PERSONAL with customized stickers or labels. Perfect to promote your business or quickly identify home or school supplies.

Have an idea but can't decide on a design? CONTACT US, we can help you bring your idea live. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.


  • 8.5 x 11 Standard page
  •  Choose your finish- Matte, Glossy or Waterproof
  • Choose the size
  • Choose the form

*Amount of stickers per page depends on size and form. This is an approximate guide of amount of stickers that we can fix in a single page. Final results may vary. We will always try to fix as many as possible in a page.

Round Stickers

  • 1.5 inch - aprox. 24 per page
  • 2 inch - aprox. 15 per page
  • 2.5 inch - aprox. 12 per page
  • 3 inch - aprox. 6 per page

Square Stickers

  • 1.5 inch - aprox. 24 per page
  • 2 inch - aprox. 12 per page
  • 2.5 inch - aprox. 7 per page
  • 3 inch - aprox. 6 per page

    This is a completely custom item

    • Please make sure to add every custom detail that you want in the design.
    • Font: If your design have a text that is not part of a logo, please let us know your font preference. This can be a specific font or style. Examples: Script, Cursive, Western, Sans, Funky ect. Please refer to our image of Font Chart were you can find different ideas. If you wish to use one of our font chart, simple type the number in the text box. Don't forget to tell us your color preference.
      • Specific Fonts: We will do our best to match your specific font request. In some cases, the exact font might not be an option, we will create the design with a similar one.  If case you have the font file, you can send it to us in .ttf format.  
    • Logos, Graphic and Photos: If you want to add a logo, picture or specific graphic you must provide it. We take very seriously our product quality. Remember that the quality of the final product depends on the quality of your image. Please send a high resolution image (1024x768 or more) (no screenshoots or selfies). LOGOS and GRAPHICS are accepted in PNG format only (without background).
    • Don't know if your image is good enough?  Contact us, we can work with you to make sure you have the quality product you are looking for.

    **NOTE: The Image, Photo, Graphic or Logo that you send or want must be OWN by you or FREE of copyrights and/or watermarks. We won't reproduce any copyrighted or trademark image in our products.

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