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D'Cuttings by CK&Y

UV DTF Custom Sheet 22x24

UV DTF Custom Sheet 22x24

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This product is a Custom UV DTF (Direct To Film) Sheet 22x18inch.

All designs you can fit in a 22x18 inches sheet. Create your custom design sheet, upload it and we will take care of the production of a hight quality UV DTF for you.

º Premium printed UV DTF wrap

º Permanent & Waterproof

Please be aware that production time for custom UV DTF is 1 weeks.

Upload Instructions

  1. In your preferred design program create a 22x36 sheet.
  2. Arrange all your customs designs.
  3. Save in PNG format with transparent background and maximum quality.(300dpi minimum)
  4. Please upload your design in the provided box. Do not send screenshoots. 

We do not accept returns or exchanges for this product. We are not responsible for any transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Make sure you are following pressing instructions.

 Application Instructions

Use a squeegee to make sure the entire design transfers to the clear film.

Peel backing on the sticker.

Clean your surface and ensure it's DRY.

Place sticker on surface. Go slowly as the adhesive is very strong, so once it's touched the surface, it cannot be removed.

Lightly rub to make sure sticker has attached and to remove all air bubbles.

Peel clear film.

* No heat or mug press is required.

* Not microwave or dishwasher safe. 

UV DTF adhesive stickers can be used on:

Glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic mugs or any hard surface. 
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